Turn Your Computer Into Two

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There is a free computer software from a Canadian company that help you do this with simplicity.

The software turns one computer into many, allowing a single computer box to support multiple users at the same time. All you need to do is connect an extra monitor, USB keyboard and mouse to your run-of-the-mill computer box, and the Desktop Multiplier software will make it possible for two people to work on the same PC at the same time.
The reason Userful is giving away its software is to prove an environmental point and show just how much “un-tapped value lies hidden in today’s desktop PCs”.


In fact, Userful’s software will allow you to create up to 10 independent workstations from a single physical computer tower. The software is currently used around the world in schools, libraries, hotels, and other businesses.



For more information and to download this great software click HERE.

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  1. Nice idea. Would save a lot of stuff wouldn’t it.
    I’ll be the awesome admin. who doesn’t waste time. You should see the setup for the computers at school. Logins through the whole county instead of a hierarchy like we had with Novell.
    And everything is deep freezed without configuring simple things.
    So, every time is the first time opening Microsoft Office.
    This would save so much time.

    Comment by Andrew — December 20, 2007 - י"א טבת תשס"ח @ 8:25 pm

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