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The Best IM For Linux

emesene-logo There are plenty of programs of any type for Linux all of them of great quality and performance but talking about messengers I think emscense is the best one and maybe more for people who comes to Linux from Windows.

It easy to install, works in any flavor of Linux (Ubuntu, SuSe, Fedora, etc.) and works really great. Is like have MSN Messenger working on Linux. Even you can use it inside windows too instead of Microsoft’s.

emesene login window emesene conversation window

The new features on the last version are:

  • Clean and easy to use GUI
  • Tabbed chat
  • Custom emoticons
  • File transfers
  • Offline messaging
  • Personal messages
  • Nudges
  • Multilingual GUI
  • Customization
    • Themes
    • Smiles
    • Sounds
    • GUI
    • Conversation format
  • Plugins
  • MSN Plus!
  • Chat logging

You can download it here.

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