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Microsoft $300M Ads

This Sunday I was watching Steelers vs Eagles game and I saw a Microsoft’s commercial ad that shows people saying they are PCs. I tried to understand the commercial and the only thing I can conclude is that Microsoft spend a lot of money just to tell us what you, me and everybody already know.

All the people who owns a computer is a PC person; no matter what Operating System you are using (Windows, Linux or OS X) all of them are installed on a PC (PERSONAL COMPUTER) so this is nothing to be a WINDOWS PERSON as Microsoft try to explain.

The other ads with Jerry Seinfeld the only thing they promote is Apple ads, the first thing we all think when we saw this ads is Apple Mac vs PC ads.

What do you think? …

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Guy says:
September 23, 2008 - כ"ג אלול תשס"ח

I think it’s spelled “ad” not “adds”. Other than that, even as a Mac person myself, the commercials are a great rebuttal to the Mac spots and breathe an air of reality into the brand. Apple has been positioned as the easy-to-use computer for creatives whereas Microsoft is communicating their brand as the computer to use to achieve real life results. Not that I agree with it, but they do a good job of stating the case. Too bad MS PC’s and VISTA are too convoluted to get any work done with out crashing.

dyohanan says:
September 23, 2008 - כ"ג אלול תשס"ח


You are right thank you for told me about my BIG mistake. You have a good point but I still thinking that MS is spending a lot of money just to make people think more on Mac than think in Windows.

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