Junk Files Are Dangerous

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Computer experts all agree that junk files can kill a computer. Not literally, of course. We found that a very large number of junk files will eventually grind your computer to a halt. The more junk files you have, the slower your computer, Internet browser and other programs become. They can even cause “out of memory” and other errors. So what exactly is a junk file?

A junk file is a file that a program left behind. Programs typically create hundreds of temporary files a day. Some programs "forget" to remove these files and they clog up the system preventing your PC from performing even the simplest of tasks. Your PC ends up with thousands of junk files slowing your computer indefinitely. Here’s why…

Whenever a program creates a file or deletes a file into a Recycle Bin, your computer looks for a unique file name. The more junk files you have the longer the system takes to find that unique file name. Internet browsers keep downloaded images and pages in the cache in order to quickly show them the next time you visit the same page. However it’s a double edged sword. Too many cached files will also slow down the Internet browser.

Finally, if you do have a lot of junk files, then your disk defragmentation, antivirus or antispyware programs have to deal with a much greater number of files. This of course makes them work much slower.

But that’s not half of it. You will find that trying to locate, open or save the necessary document takes longer. Even the time your PC takes to start up or shut down may increase from several seconds to minutes.

Most people resort to is buying a new, faster computer as a solution. However the root of the problem will remain. In just a few months, a newly bought computer will start getting slower. Basically, you can’t expect to stay fit if you eat junk food and never exercise.

shot01One way to solve this problem is to keep your computer clean with the maintenance software, named BoostSpeed developed at Auslogics. This program removes junk files, fixes registry errors, and optimizes Internet connection and system settings for maximum computer performance.

This is possible because Windows is shipped with one-size-fits-all settings and does not take into account that different computers have different disk and memory size or different types of internet connection (Dial Up, DSL or Cable).

Here’re the tools that the program uses to make such an improvement possible:

  • Disk Cleaner removes junk files and Registry Cleaner fixes registry errors that often cause computer slow downs and frequent error messages and crashes;
  • Any remaining fragmentation on hard disk drives and in the registry is eliminated with Disk Defrag and Registry Defrag tools;
  • Internet Optimizer will adjust Internet connection for the best performance with your Internet Service Provider (ISP);
  • Startup and Uninstall Managers will remove parasitic software installed on your computer without your permission.

This program may not show drastic results for a brand new computer, but any computer older than 2-3 months will certainly benefit. You will also find other features such as Track Eraser and PC Security very useful for your daily work.

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