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A Web Server Into Your PC

The Internet is all about easy access and sharing. Unfortunately even with high-speed broadband connectivity, your computers and networking equipment are hard to get to and isolated. Until now!

Yoics is a powerful network solution that transforms any computer or network attached device instantly into an easily accessible and shareable internet resource. Featuring an intuitive user interface, remote access and sharing has just gotten as easy as using instant messaging.


The Yoics desktop looks and works a lot like an instant messenger application, except instead of a device list, you get a list of devices.  These devices can be yours or ones that have been shared to you.  With the Yoics desktop you can make any data, service or even device on your network accessible to you from anywhere on the Internet.

During initial setup, you’ll have the option to setup remote desktop, folder sharing, photo sharing and web-cam sharing.  Yoics also provides custom configuration, so that advanced users can configure just about any data, service or device to be accessible and shareable remotely.

If you are ready to go, download Yoics from the above link and off you go.  If you have any problems, here are a couple of links to help you along the way.



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don johnson says:
August 23, 2008 - כ"ב אב תשס"ח

Wow yoics kicks but, I can now get all my files on my iphone from anywhere from my computer. This software kicks butt.

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