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Unlocker ~ Great Free Utility

Sometimes I want to delete a folder or file and many times I received an annoying screen telling me that I cannot delete the file because a sharing violation, access denied, the file or folder is in use or the most common of all of this messages, "Make sure the disk is not full or write protected…". An maybe you know that any of this messages is true!.

Well this morning surfing the internet with Stumble I reach a website that talks about a great free utility that helps you to deal with this kind of annoying message and permit you to do what ever you want with the file or folder in question.

Is so simple that you only need to right click on the folder or file and select Unlocker and you will see a listing of lockers and decide what you want to do, from nothing to delete it.

So download this tiny and free utility, click on the image below to access to the website where you can download it and see more about it.



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