The Truth About Islam, Muslims and Muhammad

Prophet_of_Doom_Appendix_Islams_Dark_Past_s This page is to give some resources to many documents, websites, blogs, etc. about the truth Islam and the head of this organization, I do not want to say religion because I know religion is about respect and love for life and not murdered and terrorism.


Prophet of Doom
The best or one of the best websites with a lot of information.

The Prophet of Doom Qur’an
Prophet of Doom’s chronological and contextual presentation of the Qur’an is the best way to understand Muhammad’s recital. But since many people are more accustomed to the Qur’anic order, the POD Qur’an consolidates references to the surahs in numerical order. This format also confirms that we have presented the Qur’an accurately and comprehensively.

The Qur’ans
The Qur’an quotations in Prophet of Doom are compiled from the five most universally recognized Muslim translations: Ahmed Ali (the most contemporary), Pickthal, Yusuf Ali, Shakir, and the Noble Qur’an by Khan (the most literal, the most prevalent in mosques, and the most often quoted in the book). All five translations are available in parallel here

Islamic Terrorism Timeline
As an expert on Islam and terror, I know that all good Muslims are terrorists and that most all terrorists are Muslims. These are irrefutable statements of fact. This comprehensive review of terrorism from 1960 to 2004 confirms that 95% of all terrorist acts are the result of Islam. If just 20% of Muslims are fundamentalists, they are 3,000% more violent than the rest of the world.

Muslim warlords posing as kings, emirs, and imams, have no legitimate claim to the fiefdoms they rule. These dictators stole what belonged to others, and in collusion with Western industry and politic, became enriched to the tune of $10 trillion. These warlords used their ill-gotten gain and the oppressive nature of Islam to manufacture the terrorists who kill us. This cartel fuels the Islamic war machine.

The Little Green Book
A collection of legal and societal directives from the most influential Muslim cleric in the last century. The revered Islamic ruler Ayatollah Khomeini reveals the priorities and values of an ideal Muslim world.

Mein Kampf
If you are serious about exposing Islam as a danger to all mankind, read how similar it is to history’s second-most evil doctrine.

Radio Interviews
We have a handful of the 1,500+ radio interviews Craig Winn has conducted, and insights into CAIR’s fight against free speech.
Questions & Answers
A compilation of the most frequently asked questions or comdemnations that we receive about our writings and mission to expose the true nature of Islam.

Web Links
We have organized links to sites that can provide insights into the nature and effects of Islam. It is important to keep in mind, however, that we do not share many of the viewpoints held by these sites.

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