10 Blogging Platforms

The internet is chock full of sites that can provide a platform for your blog. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them, so research carefully before deciding which will work best for you.

WordPress— WordPress can either be a hosted platform or one you use on your own server. Basic access to Wordpress is free of charge and there are a wide variety of templates available for customization. It also comes with some attractive features like spam blocking and integrated stats as well as numerous plugins you can add yourself.

Blogger— Blogger is a free, hosted blogging platform. While Blogger might lack some of the usability that other platforms have, it makes up for it with features like the Audioblogger service which allows you to create audio recordings for your blog using your phone. Blogger is also useful in that you can upload it to your own website, meaning visitors to your site won’t even know you’re using it as a platform.

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The Importance of Domain Names Servers

Whenever you spend time on the Internet whether you are browsing or sending an email you are making use of a domain name server without even being consciously aware of it. Even though the work done by a domain name server is hidden it is extremely important as without domain name servers the Internet would shut down very rapidly.

A domain name server acts as a phone book for the Internet by translating computer host names such as www.example.com into an IP address. Translating domain names into IP addresses sounds like a simple task but due to the fact there are billions of IP addresses currently in use and most computers have a human readable name as well as the fact there are a billions of DNS requests made every day, for example a single person can easily make a hundred or more DNS requests a day and domain names and IP addresses change daily as well as the fact millions of new domain names get created daily, this simple task can turn a lot more complicated than first anticipated. A domain name server is also a database but it is a database that is unlike any other as it gets many requests and has millions of people changing it everyday, which is what makes it unique.

Each domain name consists of two parts - the Mid Level Domain (MLD), and the Top Level Domain (TLD). The Mid Level Domain is the Ford in Ford.com, the Concrete-Home in Concrete-Home.com. This part of the domain name can consist of up to 63 characters in .com, .net, or .org domains. Only letters, numbers, or hyphens are permitted; no underbars, exclamation marks or periods. The Top Level Domain refers to the .com, .net, or .org part of the web address. It is the mid level domain name that these domain name servers work on and change into an IP address in order for your web site address request to be noted and found.

As well as being able to direct you to the website that you wish to visit, a domain name server, known in short as DNS also stores other information such as a list of mail servers that accept email for a given domain. By providing a worldwide keyword-based redirection service, the Domain Name System is an essential component of contemporary Internet use.

The Domain Name Server distributes the responsibility for assigning domain names and mapping them to IP networks by allowing an authoritative name server for each domain to keep track of its own changes, avoiding the need for a central register to be continually consulted and updated. Above all, the DNS makes it possible to assign domain names to organizations independent of the physical routing hierarchy represented by the numerical IP address. Because of this, hyperlinks and Internet contact information can remain the same, whatever the current IP routing arrangements may be, and can take a human-readable form (such as “example.com”).

Domain name servers make it possible for us to use the Internet for browsing purposes, purchasing purposes and sending emails. Whatever you use the Internet for you will be using the help of a domain name server.

Traffic to your website

Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in bringing adequate traffic to your website. When you are in a web marketing business like selling products and services online, then your success depends on the traffic coming to your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the smartest way to achieve this. By adapting SEO techniques you can get higher rankings for your website design in search engines. It also increases traffic tremendously. Visitors constantly search for information. If you can provide this information by using SEO tools such as optimized Meta tags, it can bring the visitors easily to your web sites.

Hiring a search engine Optimization specialist is a good idea. He can analyze your web contents and recommend proper SEO strategies to achieve good ranking and increase the traffic volumes. These SEO specialists are well experienced in positioning your website using SEO techniques and in acquiring the desired results. There are individuals as well as SEO companies who can assist you in optimizing your website. Implementing SEO may involve you considerable cost, but will yield in the form of increase in business volumes over a period of time.

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Types Of Backup Media

Losing all your acquired music, video and picture files can be real heart breaking. Whether the files on your computer are used for business purposes or they have a significant personal value, performing a routine backup is extremely important.

When choosing backup media you want to consider the following three things: 1. The size of the media (how many files it can hold) 2. The durability of the media (what will happen if the media is dropped) 3. The portability of the media (i.e. CD and DVD vs. external hard drive)

1. Size of the Media When you are looking for a backup media, you should try to find something that can store more than your current file size. The reason being your files will continue to grow, so if you have 2 gigabytes of files on your computer today you can expect that to be doubled by next year. Of course you may not be backing up your whole system, so take a look at your important file to see how much space will be needed.

2. Durability of the Media A very important feature of any backup media is its durability. By choosing quality backup media the chances of failures during a restore are much lower. For instance devices that have no moving parts such as a CD, DVD or USB flash drive are more durable in regards to damage from being dropped. External hard drives and tapes are the most fragile type of storage device and can be broken beyond repair if dropped. When choosing your backup media always make sure to compare the durability of each type of media.

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