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Here you have a great list of How To guides, so you can get more of your GMail account.

HowTo: Build advanced Gmail filters and persistent searches.

HowTo: Import your archived emails into Gmail.

HowTo: Access Gmail account of someone who dies.

HowTo: Force Gmail notifier to use SSL (instead of HTTP).

HowTo: Import contacts from Hotmail to Gmail.

HowTo: Redownload Gmail messages into outlook.

HowTo: Backup your Gmail messages using Google Groups.

HowTo: Create Google Calendar events from Gmai.

HowTo: Set Gmail as default mail client in Ubuntu (without any additional software).

HowTo: Sync. Google Calendar and Gmail contacts to your desktop.

HowTo: Use rich HTML email signatures straight from Gmail (req. Better Gmail extension).

HowTo: Manage all your email account with Gmail. (Excellent guide for folks with several emails.)

HowTo: Back up Gmail with Fetchmail (Windows).

HowTo: Configure and access Gmail on Mozilla Thunderbird.

HowTo: Use Gmail over IMAP and tag your mail, too.

HowTo: Sync. Micr. Outlook, GCal, Gmail, iPod, and mobile phone.

HowTo: Encrypt and sign Gmail messages using FireGPG extension (see above).

HowTo: Work with Gmail Attachments like a PRO.

HowTo: Attach and send blocked file types, i.e. ‘*.exe’.

HowTo: Find that ’someone’ who gives away your email address to spammers.

HowTo: Gmail on Home Linux Box using Postfix and Fetchmail.

It is incredible all the things you can do with the services that Google have. Maybe that is why Microsoft tries to get Yahoo to compete some how against Google, but I do not think Microsoft can.

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