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Types Of Backup Media

Losing all your acquired music, video and picture files can be real heart breaking. Whether the files on your computer are used for business purposes or they have a significant personal value, performing a routine backup is extremely important.

When choosing backup media you want to consider the following three things: 1. The size of the media (how many files it can hold) 2. The durability of the media (what will happen if the media is dropped) 3. The portability of the media (i.e. CD and DVD vs. external hard drive)

1. Size of the Media When you are looking for a backup media, you should try to find something that can store more than your current file size. The reason being your files will continue to grow, so if you have 2 gigabytes of files on your computer today you can expect that to be doubled by next year. Of course you may not be backing up your whole system, so take a look at your important file to see how much space will be needed.

2. Durability of the Media A very important feature of any backup media is its durability. By choosing quality backup media the chances of failures during a restore are much lower. For instance devices that have no moving parts such as a CD, DVD or USB flash drive are more durable in regards to damage from being dropped. External hard drives and tapes are the most fragile type of storage device and can be broken beyond repair if dropped. When choosing your backup media always make sure to compare the durability of each type of media.

3. Portability of the Media Backup media is available in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from the size of a portable CD or DVD, to a USB flash drive which measure three square inches, right up to an external hard drive which can weigh up to five pounds. Remember in the event of a fire you can lose all of your important files, so it is always a good idea to store the media offsite so you will have a copy. If you are storing your backup media offsite, such as a safety deposit box, the size of the media will need to be considered. CD, DVD and tapes are perfect for this type of backup.

Here are five different types of backup media:

1. Tape Tapes will allow a backup of a large amount of files and this is the method which is most often used for businesses, even though it takes much longer to copy the files than other backup media.

2. CD Backup on CD disks can offer a practical solution for data storage and a CD will store your files for years as their vulnerability to wear and tear are very low.

3. External Hard Drive With the increasing capacity for backups, external hard disks are an easy and affordable means of backing up your important files. It most be noted that of all the backup media external hard drives are the most fragile.

4. USB Flash Drive Ranging in capacity between 64 MB and 2 GB, these devices offer high data capacities as well as high data transfer speeds.

5. DVD A DVD can hold between 4.7 GB and 9.4 GB and even more if the files are compressed. This makes a DVD both a feasible and practical media to backup your important files.

Whichever backup option you end up choosing, performing reliable backups of your important files is a good routine to get into.

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