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Is Google Good Or Evil?

Today the San Francisco Chronicle talks about Google and how all the information that Google with it free services are collecting about everyone and everything.

From its start, Google has set for itself the mission of organizing all the world’s information. Not some. All. In its first 10 years, it has shown no hesitation in tackling the largest scale computing challenges it can find. This company does not scare.

googserv They are scanning every book, they have the number one destination of videos, they have free programs like word and excel to create online documents and you can store in their servers. They manage our email, they handle our medical records, photos, maps, calendar, etc. With all these services they can know what, where, who, etc about everyone.

Bill Gates said a long time ago that the powerful is not the one with bigger weapons is the one with more information and that is what Google is doing right now.

Which leads to the question, in light of Google’s audacious information collecting, why were we ever scared of the Microsoft Evil Empire? At the apogee of Microsoft’s power, its ability to know what its customers were doing was nil. Our information was privately stored on our PCs. But if you discard Word and Excel for Google’s Docs and Spreadsheets, your files sit on Google’s computers. And if you avail yourself of Google’s array of other free services, so do your personal calendar, your e-mail, your online shopping history, personal photos, health records and stock portfolio.

So is this concentration of this kind of information is for good or not? Just the time will tell us but if we look back in history to much power corrupt anyone.

What do you think?…

If you want to read the post from San Francisco Chronicle click here.

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Bernd says:
September 29, 2008 - כ"ט אלול תשס"ח

A subject we shouldn´t underrate. I´m anxious to the web and world in ten years. Which power google will have?

dyohanan says:
September 29, 2008 - כ"ט אלול תשס"ח

Thank you Bernd for your comment and I am agree with you, we should not underrate this. Maybe in the near future the corporations are the one “openly (in some way they are doing it right now)” control the future of all of us and that could be a bad idea. Something like the movie Robocop with Detroit or “Brave New World” novel by Aldous Huxley…

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