Firefox Extensions You Must Have for Blogging

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Here you have a list of Firefox extensions that could help you blogging and navigate more easy. I really could not live without these extensions, so give them a try and leave your comments about them.

For finding great sites, videos, photos and many other interestin things. StumbleUpon learns what you like or dislike to make better recomendations for you. And if you have a blog this is a great tool to send visitors to your blog. Also you can meet people with similar interests.
This is a full blog editor that integrates with Firefox and easily post to your blog.

Adsense Notifier
Displays your Google Adsense on the statusbar. So you can know your earnings, by day, week, month, etc.

Is a convenient toolbar for access to one of the most popular screen capture for web page content. You can capture a region, windows, scroll window or just text this is the right tool to do it.
Split Browser
This extension splits the content area of the browser windows as you like, so you can compare multiple webpages for example.
FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension)
This is one of the best extensions for Firefox. This extensions allow you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions, so you can synchronize all your computers.
Febe Let you backup your extensions, themes, bookmarks, preferences, passwords, cookies, etc. Also the backup can be performed on demand or scheduled. this ectension is a must have.
This extension allows you to tweak many network and settings to increase the speed of your browser
IE Tab
As you know there are many sites that only accepts or works with Internet Explorer browser, so with this extension you can navigate those sites without leave your Firefox browser.

So give a try on these extensions and if you want comment about them or suggest other.

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