WordPress looks for a .png image file named, screenshot, in your theme’s folder. If you don’t already have a screenshot of your theme, here’s how:


    1. Point your browser to the blog currently using the theme.
    2. Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard.
    3. Open a new file in Photoshop, Gimp or your favorite graphic editor.
    4. Change the size to 300 by 225 (in pixels)
    5. Press Ctrl + v or Right click > Paste.
    6. With the Move tool activated, resize the screenshot to in the 300 x 225 space.
    7. Go to File > Save for Web…
    8. Save it as a PNG file, instead of GIF or JPG.
    9. Name it screenshot.
    10. Place your image file in the theme’s folder.

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