The Best IM For Linux

emesene-logo There are plenty of programs of any type for Linux all of them of great quality and performance but talking about messengers I think emscense is the best one and maybe more for people who comes to Linux from Windows.

It easy to install, works in any flavor of Linux (Ubuntu, SuSe, Fedora, etc.) and works really great. Is like have MSN Messenger working on Linux. Even you can use it inside windows too instead of Microsoft’s.

emesene login window emesene conversation window

The new features on the last version are:

  • Clean and easy to use GUI
  • Tabbed chat
  • Custom emoticons
  • File transfers
  • Offline messaging
  • Personal messages
  • Nudges
  • Multilingual GUI
  • Customization
    • Themes
    • Smiles
    • Sounds
    • GUI
    • Conversation format
  • Plugins
  • MSN Plus!
  • Chat logging

You can download it here.

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HDR Imaging In Linux

This tool enables you to experiment with high-dynamic range lighting in a photo or 3D image that might be used in a game or 3D world. The options for controlling HDR lighting are simple: adjust a slider for gamma correction, load a tonal mapping tool to adjust light sources and other variables. Then, save your work for modeling in a 3D world.

snap-qt4_2 Qtpfsgui is an open source graphical user interface application that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging.

Supported HDR formats:

  • OpenEXR (extension: exr)
  • Radiance RGBE (extension: hdr)
  • Tiff formats: 16bit, 32bit (float) and LogLuv (extension: tiff)
  • Raw image formats (extension: various)
  • PFS native format (extension: pfs)

Supported LDR formats:

  • JPEG, PNG, PPM, PBM, TIFF(8 bit)

Supported features:

  • Create an HDR file from a set of images (formats: JPEG, TIFF 8bit and 16bit, RAW) of the same scene taken at different exposure setting.
  • Save and load HDR images.
  • Rotate and resize HDR images.
  • Tone map HDR images.
  • Copy exif data between sets of images.

Qtpfsgui is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

Why this name?
Qt: the program uses Qt4 to show its graphical widgets.
pfs: the main backend library and original source code base.
gui: this stands simply for graphical user interface.

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Customize Vista Before Installing It

As you read it, you can customize your Windows Vista before you install it. For this you only need a free tool that lets you do that.

Windows Vista from Microsoft takes a lot of resources, we all know that. this tool provides you with an easy removal of the unwanted components in order to make Vista run faster and to your liking.

This tool doesn’t use any kind of hacking, all files and registry entries are protected as they would be if you install the unedited version only with the changes you select.

ss1 It configures the installation directly before the installation, meaning you’ll have to remake the ISO and reinstall it. This method is much cleaner, not to mention easier and more logical than doing it after installation on every reinstall.

vLite is a tool for customizing the Windows Vista installation before actually installing it.

Main features are:

  • hotfix, language pack and driver integration
  • component removal
  • unattended setup
  • tweaks
  • split/merge Vista installation CDs
  • create ISO and burn bootable CD/DVD

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