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Here is a list of useful tips to enhance your TiVo experience.

Access your TiVo via Internet

TiVoWeb, one of the most popular programs in use among TiVo hackers, has been written by Josha Foust (a.k.a. Lightn of the AVS Underground). TiVoWeb allows you to access most of your TiVo’s on-screen functions, as well as a host of additional functions that are not accessible via your TiVo’s standard menus, through a Web browser. That means that if you forgot to record your favorite show before you left on vacation, you can now do it anywhere you can get web access.

TiVoWeb is no longer supported but now you can try Tivo Web Plus, a download that will give you a whole new set of web interface innovations for your TiVo.

For those of you who want to get really serious about accessing your TiVo via the web, the ultimate plug-in is the Hackman which is an add on to both TiVoWeb and TiVoWebPlus that will let you turn your hacks on and off remotely or reboot your entire TiVo system via the web.


Download Files Directly to your TiVo

YouTube junkies: want to avoid the hassle of first downloading your videos on to your PC, and then transferring them to your TiVo? this TiVo Network Hack How-To Guide offers step-by-step instructions for first-time TiVo network hackers to be able to download directly to your TiVo (look at section 4.4).

This hack is one of the simplest to get working because it builds off of the http_get command, which is already a default feature on your TiVo. So you won’t need to download anything new to get this feature, you will just need to access the hidden command.


Set up a static IP address for your TiVo

One of the problems with using a cable or DSL router for TiVo is that every time your TiVo reboots, the IP address changes – which means that you will have to search for the new IP address after every boot. This happens because your TiVo is set to get the information it needs about how to access your local network from what’s called a DHCP server. In order to avoid the problems associated with a dynamic IP address, you can assign a static IP address to your TiVo. For detailed instructions, go through Jenkins’ how-to guide, section 9.


The 30-Second Skip

If you’re like me, you think it’s unfair that you have to fast forward through commercials while the ReplayTV users jump over them entirely using the 30-second skip. Thankfully, a very simple hack will let you reassign one of your remote control buttons to become your own 30-second skip button. This hack is really simple, so even the newest TiVo user should be able to manage CNET’s instructions, but if you are having problems with the hack you can also look at O’Reilly’s guidelines.


Browse Flickr from your TiVo

Flickr has some of the most innovative photographs in the world, and with their search feature, you can quickly find a picture of almost anything through the site. This great hack by Developer Andrew Wallace will let you browse Flickr through your TiVo.

Think about all the great applications… you could pick a new picture to display on the TV every day to create an ever-changing mural in your home.


Convert your Recorded Shows to MPEG and then to a DVD

If you’re a hardcore DVR user you’ve probably spent some time collecting missed episodes of your favorite shows. But pretty soon that hard drive fills up and you have to make a decision between missing new shows and dumping old ones. With a little hacking, however, you never have to dump shows again. Just convert those old shows to MPEG format and either store them on your computer or burn them onto DVD’s. (TiVo Series 2 Only)

This hack is pretty simple to do, and just requires that you download DirectShow Dump (DSD) from http://prish.com/etivo/tbr.htm, and install it. Be sure to download version DSD ver 0.1.1424.0 or newer. The tool will convert your TiVo recordings to unencrypted MPEG2 format.

If you have more tips like this please let us know and share them leaving your comments.


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