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November 21, 2007

FTP Program Integrated on Firefox

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I use a lot an FTP program for upload and download files to my server, I used CoreFTP Lite that is a free software but I have to start it every time I need it or leaving it open. Well I was surfing the web with Stumble when I see this little program that integrates on Firefox and now I just have to click on a button on my browser and voila! I have a new tab with the FTP integrated.

fireftplogo This program is just 135Kb

October 4, 2007

Test Your PopUp Blocker Software

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Many times you enter on a site and maybe you find that there are a lot of annoying ads all around but it comes worst when you see popups, that little or big screens that comes out and put just in front of the information you want to read.

Well there are so many popup blockers that could help you to avoid this kind of stuff, but I am not going to tell you which one is the best, because all of them are great programs, but some of them maybe do not stop all kind of popups.

So here you have a link where you can test to the extreme your popup blocker software and you will see if it the one for your necessities.

I tried with the one that Firefox has and only 2 popups the blocker can not stop, Drop Down PopUp and Sticky PopUp.

To access to this site just click on the image below.


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September 12, 2007

Firefox Cheat Sheet

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You know that is better to work with shortcuts than with the mouse? you can be more productive using more the keyboard. So when you are using the best browser, Firefox well use it the right way. So here you have the Firefox Cheat Sheet.

Just click on the image below and you can have the PFD file so you can save it to your hard disk.

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September 9, 2007

Firefox Extensions You Must Have for Blogging

Filed under: Firefox - September 9, 2007 - כ"ו אלול תשס"ז

Here you have a list of Firefox extensions that could help you blogging and navigate more easy. I really could not live without these extensions, so give them a try and leave your comments about them.

StumbleUpon For finding great sites, videos, photos and many other interestin things. StumbleUpon learns what you like or dislike to make better recomendations for you. And if you have a blog this is a great tool to send visitors to your blog. Also you can meet people with similar interests.

ScribeFire This is a full blog editor that integrates with Firefox and easily post to your blog.

Adsense Notifier Displays your Google Adsense on the statusbar. So you can know your earnings, by day, week, month, etc.

Snagit Is a convenient toolbar for access to one of the most popular screen capture for web page content. You can capture a region, windows, scroll window or just text this is the right tool to do …