Project Management - Open Source

Some times people think that open source software (OSS) is not a serious software as the one you paid for, but that is completely untrue and here you have a large list of Project Management software to work with it.

  • Achievo - Easy to use and customize open source web-based project management application for business environments.
  • AgileTrack - Java based application for monitoring and tracking activities in a software development environment.
  • ASTS - A set of web based management tools for recording project activities and tasks.
  • Austin - A command line utility for manipulating project timelines in XML.
  • dotproject - Open source Project Management application developed and supported by a group of volunteers.
  • Double Choco Latte - A basic project management application used to track the history of work orders, projects, accounts etc.
  • eHour - User friendly web-based tool for keeping track of time based activities; ideal for consulting companies.
  • FreeMind - A mind mapping application useful for brainstorming sessions.
  • FUTURe - A time management application for individuals and groups.
  • Ganttproject - Written in Java, and using XML file format; enables project planning through a Gantt chart.
  • JIRA - JIRA is a project management & task achievement application for making team processes easy.
  • jxProject.com - Cross platform project management tool with sharing options.
  • IPM - A simple project management application built in PHP4 and requiring Apache 1.3x and MySQL.
  • Memoranda - For users handling multiple projects on a daily basis Memoranda is an ideal tool.
  • NetOffice - An online project management application for managing tasks, projects, team tracking and collaboration between teams.
  • Open Workbench - Excellent Windows-based application providing project scheduling functionality for enterprise users.
  • Planner - Project management tool for the Gnome desktop that is useful for project scheduling, planning and tracking.
  • phpCollab - An open-source internet-collaboration tool for project teams allowing them to share information amongst each other.
  • project-open - A web-based project management system for small consulting and service companies. Covers sales, project planning, collaboration and CRM.
  • Projectory - Projectory is an open source web based project management tool for tracking software projects through development phases.
  • Projman - A project management tool for reading project descriptions and their scheduled tasks.
  • Rapla - Highly configurable event and resource management application primarily targeted towards universities.
  • Taskjuggler - A powerful tool with redefined approach towards project planning activities, taking it far beyond the commonly available tools for Gantt charts.
  • Trac - Wiki and issue management system for software development projects.
  • TrackIt - An open source web based project tracking tool to maximize flexibility and customization.
  • TUTOS - Organization management tool for satisfying the requirements of small groups, teams and departments.
  • User Story .NET - A tool for extreme programming projects in user story tracking.
  • WebCollab - An easy to use collaborative project management system enabling users to work together.
  • WebPBC - Web-based project management tool for small businesses to do budget allocation of projects.
  • XPlanner - Another web-based project management tool for eXtreme programming (XP) software development practices.

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Solid State Drives

The SATA Solid State Disk is the next generation of storage device based on industrial flash memory technology, which emulates an ordinary magnetic hard disk.
Built for speed, these Solid State Storage Devices need no moving or spinning parts, and that makes no mechanical noise, suitable for used in portable or embedded system, which has only limited power consumption. The Flash Disk Drive products are also free from extra and special algorithm or some firmware driver. Just plug the unit into the SATA slots and operate it as same as a regular Hard Disk Drives.

xitradesata10000 These high-speed SSD units provide faster and higher performance storage solution for industrial application, embedded computing, high-speed networking, broadband communications, mobile computing, military, medical and aerospace.

In Addition of high-performance, the devices are capable of withstanding a higher dree of environmental distress, delivering extreme endurance.

The SSD have good performance, and have small latency time. It effectively reduces the booting time of operation system and the power consumption is less than hard disk drive (HDD).`

Because of the complete chip configuration, outside noise has no influence on NSSD. 3.12.3 Electromagnetic immunity
The recording medium of traditional HDD is magnetic material, and the head is sensitive to environmental magnetic field. However the NSSD’s recording medium is NAND Flash, which is a kind of semiconductor based on silicon. Go without saying, NSSD isn’t affected by electromagnetic field.

NSSD products have extensive applications. They can be used in some special environment such as zero gravity. Because the NSSD is made of full chip, the gravitation has no effect on it.

It’s well known that the reliability of a chip configuration is better than a mechanical configuration. Because the mechanical configuration is affected by too many factors, it influences the reliability of HDD very much. While the chip configuration is opposite, it makes that NSSD has a nice reliability.

Environmental protection
NSSD produces almost no quantity of heat and the noise is 0 dB when it is working. At the same time, the NSSD products and the enclosed components/devices and/or assemblies do not contain plumb. It has no influence on environment.

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Use Your Digital Camera As A Scanner

snapter_logo1Snapter is software that lets you use a digital camera as a mobile scanner. The software automatically crops, stretches, flattens, and converts photos of documents, whiteboards, posters, business cards and receipts into more portable images. Whether you are in a library, conference room or classroom, just snap the photo and run it through Snapter to produce images that look as if they have been scanned through a flatbed scanner!

Snapter Ice is software that lets you use a camera as a scanner. The software automatically crops, stretches, flattens, and process pictures of business cards, documents and whiteboards into more usable forms.

With Snapter, you can use your digital camera to capture information around you that matters: receipts, business cards, whiteboards in a classroom, posters in a conference, a menu at your favorite restaurant, or even books in a library. Just take a photo of the document, run it through the Snapter software and you will have an output that looks like it has been scanned through a flatbed scanner.

Download snapter.



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