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November 20, 2007

List of Alternative Open Source Programs

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Here you have a list of alternative options to commercial software. Personally I use many of them and believe me if I tell you that some of them are better than commercial ones. For Example, Mozilla Thunderbird is really great to manage all my emails accounts. For programming a great editor is Notepad++, for antivirus one of the best is AVG on its free edition. So give a chance to this great Open Source programs.

Commercial Software Open Source Alternative

Adobe Acrobat

November 19, 2007

76 Free Wordpress Themes

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I just made a selection of free Wordpress Themes that the only characteristic the have in common is that they are widgets ready. This collection have 2 and 3 column and in many colors.


wp-themes (1)      wp-themes (1)      wp-themes (2)


wp-themes (3)      wp-themes (4)      wp-themes (4)

wp-themes (5)     wp-themes (8)     wp-themes (9)

wp-themes (11)      wp-themes (13)     wp-themes (14)


The complete collection can be downloaded here: File

November 18, 2007

Wordpress Tips and Tricks - Post in Advance

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I’m sure most people know about this but the ability to post things in advance with Wordpress is absolutely great.

To post in the future all you have to do is:

write your post as normal
find the Post Timestamp panel
edit the time and tick the Edit timestamp box

There you have it. Easy! Take a look on the image below.


Wondering why use this?

Apart from the obvious things, like going on holiday, Sometimes I feel with a good mood and write many posts so rather than have them all go out at once, and then nothing for a week or two, I will make a series of posts and let them appear out over the week. This means I can forget about my site and let it continue to update itself.

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November 16, 2007

TiVo Stuff

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Here is a list of useful tips to enhance your TiVo experience.

Access your TiVo via Internet

TiVoWeb, one of the most popular programs in use among TiVo hackers, has been written by Josha Foust (a.k.a. Lightn of the AVS Underground). TiVoWeb allows you to access most of your TiVo’s on-screen functions, as well as a host of additional functions that are not accessible via your TiVo’s standard menus, through a Web browser. That means that if you forgot to record your favorite show before you left on vacation, you can now do it anywhere you can get web access.

TiVoWeb is no longer supported but now you can try Tivo Web Plus, a download that will give you a whole new set of web interface innovations for your TiVo.

For those of you who want to get really serious about accessing your TiVo via the web, the ultimate plug-in is the Hackman which is an add on to both TiVoWeb

November 15, 2007

Qumana a New Blog Editor

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Normally I use Windows Live Writer to write post on my blog, in fact 90% of the post was made using this software. But today I discover a new editor for blogging and I want to try.

Well I downloaded from here an installed on my computer and start writing just this post to see if I liked or not.

The window interface of Qumana is simple and clean, you can change many things like font, size, align, etc. You can add a link in an easy way or an image…

You have at the right side of the window the list of categories and you can indicate if you are going to allow comments and trackbacks. As you can see on the image above is a clean interface with nothing extra to comment about.

When you start this program you have two windows, one is the Qumana Blog Manager and the other is the editor. You can see both of them below.

In resume is a good software but I must say that Windows Live Writer is better because the environment it presents is the same of 

An Apology

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I just want to apologize because my RSS feed it was not working but right now everything is fixed, so I hope the 10 subscribers I lost come back again.

Wallpapers for iPhone

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You own an iPhone and already bored you the wallpapers that it has, well Mauricio Alexis has a really big collection of wallpapers for your iPhone totally free.

Here is the collection…


If you want to download them just click HERE.

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