Disable Windows Indexing Service

Since I installed Windows Vista I noticed that my harddisk sometimes works a lot so I open the Windows Task Manager and enter on Resource Monitor I could see what application or applications maintain my harddisk working even when I did not execute any program, and I found that the Windows Vista’s Search Indexing is the one who maintain working my harddisk all the time.


So I open Windows Explorer and right click on C drive properties and I disabled indexing as the image below shows you.


Well this does not work, my harddisk stay working and of course the performance of my computer degraded. So I execute Windows Features On and Off and disabled Indexing Services.


The result was the same even after a reboot the indexing services stay active, so my last option was run Services (just type “Services” at the Start Search bar), right click on the Windows Search service and select “Properties”. Then choose “Disabled” for the start type. After all this and stop this service by right clicking on it and selecting “Stop” and rebooting to check that everything is ok I could stop this annoying program.


Well why I did this? because is very rare that I made a search on my computer, I know where is everything so I do not need this kind of service. So I have a gain on this, I do not have the annoying noise of my harddisk and the harddisk lifespan is increased.

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Take Extra Bandwidth

Microsoft decided to make Windows XP and Vista to take 20% of your internet bandwidth for itself. Why is this? I really do not know but according to Microsoft it takes this for reservation of all programs running on the system.

To take back this 20% you have to this the following:

1. Execute gpedit.msc (WIN + R)



2. Go to Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Network / QOS Packet
Scheduler / Limit Reservable Bandwidth


3. Right Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth and choose Properties. Enable it and put limit to 0%. (read the explain tab and you can see that by default windows takes this 20%).


Take what is yours and enjoy a better internet.

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The Power of Photoshop in Just 3 Minutes

Just see this video and you can understand how powerful could be Photoshop when you know how to use it.


http://view.break.com/291573 - Watch more free videos


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